We offer a global vision of all systems, components and elements making up a car:

  • Characteristics of construction, function and regulations for the most recent diesel, petrol and electric engines.
  • Chassis; design, construction characteristics, passive safety and materials currently used for their manufacture.
  • Characteristics of all systems and components involved in the vehicle dynamics. Transmission systems, suspension, steering, brakes and active safety systems.

A vision that helps us to understand how design and manufacturing mode influence every component, with the rest of the systems. This helps us to identify the components and critical elements that directly intervene in the dynamics, safety and reliability of the whole. It also means that solutions and improvements can be applied to both the design process and the process of producing components, sets and subsets.

We offer customized solutions, based on the technical needs of each company. This offer It is aimed both to components manufacturing enterprises and after-sales service (diagnosis, maintenance and vehicle repairs) companies.

Furthermore, our long experience in using and introducing environmental regulations, such as order and cleanliness, will give you a more objective point of view and even a safe platform for starting to work with these new methodologies.

The equipment we have in our centers.

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