The Basque Country is committed to sustainable human growth. In this growth, society, the environment, culture and economy are not separate, but are interconnected.

Sustainability is the paradigm for planning a future that seeks a balance between environmental, social and economic aspects in order to achieve better quality of life.


Vocational training plays a fundamental role in sustainable human development and, within the framework of a production model based on the efficient use of existing resources, it will be carried out in a comprehensive and integrated way to support the sustainable economy that we must build both for our own benefit and for future generations.

The food industry offers an opportunity for innovation adapted to the needs of current functional products. Probiotic foods and active components are being used to help treat health problems such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and allergies, etc.

The TKgune network of centres will allow you to propose and test different technical solutions in three areas: ageing (telecare, adapted furniture, robotic assistance, biosensors); food (food traceability, new product development); and biosciences (anatomical models, prostheses, implants, etc.).

The equipment we have in our centers.

Instrumental analysis laboratory

Complete nutritional analysis instrumentation:

3D FDM printers (resins, jewellery, dental implants and ceramics, etc.)

Orthopaedic prosthesis product workshops

Instruments for physicochemical characterisation of samples:

Instruments for conventional microbiological techniques.

Nucleic acid and protein amplification and electrophoresis instruments:

Tools for the identification and classification of micro-organisms, identification of species in food and environmental samples

Some projects carried out in the area of biotechnology and health

Technological areas

Do you have a company and want to collaborate on a technological project?