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Urola Erdia Development and Innovation Agency

Grants and subsidies

SPRI Group

Basque Business Development Agency

Grants and Initiatives to promote your project

Gipuzkoa Provincial Council

Economic promotion and innovation of the GPC - programs and grants

The economic recovery of Gipuzkoa involves strengthening the competitiveness of companies and professionals in our territory. That is why the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa launches a wide variety of programs and aids, in order to promote and favor the processes of entrepreneurship, industry 4.0, internationalization, innovation or participation.

Araba Provincial Council

Economic Development, Innovation and Demographic Challenge

In general, and in accordance with the Foral Norm 11/2016, of October 19, on Subsidies of the Historical Territory of Álava, a subsidy is understood as any disposition of money made by the Public Administrations, in favor of public or private persons, and that meets the requirements indicated in the regulations.

Bizkaia Provincial Council

Department of Economic Promotion: Innovation and Investment

The Department of Economic Promotion aims to strengthen the positioning of Bizkaia as an innovative, talented, attractive, connected and balanced territory to ensure that the Bizkaia of tomorrow has as a hallmark its high capacity to create and maintain quality employment and that it remains at the economic and social forefront of Europe.


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