Within the scope of Information and Communication Technologies offers suggestions to improve and innovate in areas related to 3D animation, virtual reality, company IT systems, multimedia applications and web application development, providing companies with complete facilities where they can conduct all kinds of operational and performance tests.

  • In the 3D animation and virtual reality area, proposals for improvement and innovation include 3D animation techniques, modelling, on-screen object virtualisation, revision of archives, code and modelling interactions in 2D and 3D formats, augmented reality, mixed reality, capturing movements through different sensor techniques, environmental recognition and 3D-model printing, from part design to final printing. In this area, we also offer innovative proposals in gamification processes, including assessment, consulting and implementation of the gamified process within the company’s structure.
  • • In the area of company IT systems and multimedia applications, we include assessment and proposals to improve the implementation and start-up of storage and communication management systems and everything related to network infrastructure and the company’s connectivity. We also offer assessment services and improvement proposals for open software-based solutions, including corporate communication platforms, cloud storage, personal publication systems, learning content management, network storage, company connectivity solutions through VPN and Open Source virtualisation.
  • We help develop the company’s strategic cybersecurity plan: security in the use of active tools and secure design of code in systems and applications.

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