Women in Industry

In the context of the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, on February 11th; Tomorrow, Tuesday, the “Women in Industry” colloquium will be held in [...]

New TKgune catalogs

The new catalogs that explain the range of services that the network of TKgune centres offers to SMEs is already consultable. In it, the composition and the areas of knowledge and technologies [...]

TKgune energy

The work done by the TKgune energy workgroup and the facilities of CIFP Usurbil LHII have been shown, among others, in the “Zubiak” EITB´s radio programme and the Magisterio magazine. Radio [...]

ElektronbITs Meeting

The CIFP Armeria Eskola LHII, who leads the TKgune Automation strategic environment, has organized the first edition of the ElectrobITs meetings, for next May 18, in collaboration with the City [...]

F building

En el programa Ekosfera de Euskadi Irratia, han entrevistado a profesores del CIFP Usurbil; entre ellos el coordinador del TKgune de Energía, Oier Aranzabal. En el programa han analizado el [...]

ADEGI visit

On 17th of March, a group of businessmen from Gipuzkoa visited Tknika installations within the TOP business meetings organized by ADEGI (Association of Entrepreneurs of Gipuzkoa).

USA delegation visit

On 7th of March, a representation of VET teachers from Minesota was visiting Tknika. During the visit they had the opportunity to know several projects that are in development including TKgune program.