Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing / E-commerce, hospitality and tourism / Energy and environment

The PEÑASCAL Integrated Vocational Training Centre is a training centre belonging to Peñascal Kooperatiba, a social initiative entity that especially accompanies groups in vulnerable situations, transforming a situation of risk into opportunities to generate value for themselves and for the society in which they must integrate. The Centre maintains actions, both in the field of regulated vocational training and in vocational training for Employment, in addition to maintaining a line of promotion of companies and collaboration with the productive fabric of its environment. To this end, it carries out a comprehensive accompaniment of its students, through innovative teaching-learning methodologies and high didactic quality, with a basic approach that personalizes and adapts the training to the needs and characteristics of each student according to the moment of their learning process.


The areas of knowledge of the PeñaSCAL Integrated FP Center are:


• Welding and boilermaking
• Machine tool
• Hospitality and Tourism
• Carpentry and furniture
• Installation and maintenance
• Electricity and electronics
• Trade and marketing
• Textile, clothing and leather
• Food industries

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