Arkaute 1L


Gardening and floristry / Agro-ecological production / Landscaping and rural environment

CIFP Agrario Arkaute is a public vocational training center in which we teach medium and higher cycles related to agriculture and livestock, gardening and landscaping.

We also provide Training for Employment consisting of Certificates of Professionalism subsidized by Lanbide and courses on demand requested by public institutions and companies in the sector.

The innovation strategy is part of our philosophy, and so we have implemented collaborative learning methodologies based on challenges. In addition, we are immersed in a process of digitalization of teaching, and we have equipped a smart classroom with technology applied to training.

We work intensively and collaborate in circular economy, social and gender integration projects, as well as in activities to promote and disseminate ecological and sustainable practices.

For practical training, we have gardens and green areas, open-air orchards, greenhouses, 10 hectares of land for extensive agriculture and pastures, and a small livestock farm.

Our students have a high degree of employability and we promote the creation of companies with our own entrepreneurship support service.

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