Automation of industrial processes / Robotics / Artificial vision / Process improvement / Design. 3D plastic printing / Mechanical testing / Predictive maintenance


CIFP Mendizabala LHII is a public school located in Vitoria-Gasteiz. It develops its activity in the teaching of Vocational Training.

It has a team of teachers and facilities to collaborate in the development of innovation projects with SMEs in the following areas:

Installation and maintenance: preventive and predictive maintenance management. Production automation. Electromechanical maintenance.

Electricity and electronics: Automation and industrial robotics. Telecommunications.
Mechanical Manufacturing: Mechanical Manufacturing Design (machining, welding and boilermaking). Production programming.

Transport and maintenance of vehicles: Electromechanics of Motor Vehicles. Bodywork.

Image and Sound: Production of Audiovisual Projects and Shows.

Graphic Arts: Design and Edition of Printed and Multimedia Publications.

Personal Image: Personal and corporate image consultancy. Styling, aesthetics and beauty.

Physical and Sports Activities: Teaching and social and sports animation.