Advanced Manufacturing


From EGIBIDE we offer services to the companies of our environment in the field of advanced manufacturing.

Given the increasing demands and evolution of manufacturing processes, Egibide-TKgune’s team of engineers can help you to analyze your current processes, proposing and executing improvement actions, reduction of manufacturing time, adaptation of machines, etc.

We can also simulate alternative operations and processes avoiding interferences in your production line and analyze the results to confirm or discard hypotheses.

We can also help you to propose, design and test totally innovative processes. To do so, Egibide-TKgune can carry out the previous study including the relevant tests to confirm the efficiency and stability of the new alternative.

We dynamize and accompany you in the innovation of products providing our technical, technological and productive point of view, and we put at your disposal creativity tools, product analysis, etc.

In Egibide-TKgune you can manufacture and test prototypes and materials, optimize manufacturing processes and even test the industrialization of the new product with a pre-series. We can also provide you with the vision of machine tool manufacturers regarding the appropriate machinery to manufacture your product.


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