Nazaret 1L


Marketing and Advertising

Nazaret Lanbide Heziketa (012490), whose owner is NAZARET FUNDAZIOA, is an Integrated Vocational Training and Employment Training Center, a reference in the development of training plans aimed at training and accompanying people in the learning of professional and personal skills and abilities for current and future work environments with an integrative, entrepreneurial, innovative and transforming approach to educational, social and labor models.

The areas of expertise in Nazaret Lanbide Heziketa are:

– Strategic marketing advice (positioning, segmentation, product, price, etc.).
– Brand strategy and development (brand identity, logo, corporate stationery, etc.).
– Online and offline communication strategy and development.
– Digital marketing strategy and development (web design, online store, social networks, SEO, SEM, etc.).

The advice is accompanied by the knowledge of the expert teaching team in cross-cutting areas such as digital, graphic design, administrative management, environment, equality and languages.

+34 943 326 666 (Ext 121)