Advanced Mechanization / Industrial Design / 3D Printing


Liceo Politécnico Oteitza offers a quality education based on personalized attention.
The management system used for this purpose, in addition to being based on continuous improvement and excellence, will be participatory and with an efficient resource management.

In addition, pedagogical and technological innovation is channeled and carried out systematically, reinforcing our signs of identity.

The educational center is focused on the technical and personal satisfaction of the needs of companies in terms of valley and social benefit.


The technological capabilities of the Liceo Politecnico Oteitza are:

  • 3D CAD Search and design of complex project solutions.
  • 5-axis machining
  • CAM programming
  • Prototyping and first series
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Prototyping of parts, assemblies, machines and preseries
  • Die sinking EDM


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