San Luis 1L


Information technology and communications / Business administration and management / Commerce and marketing

The women and men who have been part of Centro San Luis since 1941 feel proud of our trajectory. We have trained thousands of people from Bizkaia and Bizkaia knowing how to integrate them into the economic fabric of the province. Throughout these years we have adapted to the needs of the companies of Bilbao and Bizkaia. We have always sought to apply the latest technologies and innovations, without forgetting the human side, their professional development and personal growth. This has been and is our responsibility and commitment.

We are based on excellence and a job well done. Our services meet international quality standards and our offer is constantly updated, being able to provide quality training for:

The fulfillment of the expectations of our students and their families.
The satisfaction of all the people who are part of our organization, in terms of their needs and expectations.

Tutoring and support

Attention, support and interaction with our students are particularly important aspects of our training model. We establish a framework of individualized, systematic and planned relationship that accompanies the academic success and the personal and professional development of our students, offering a realistic and individualized professional orientation.

Equality and good treatment

We are strongly committed to working on equality between women and men. We are part of a society with which we share the responsibility of educating all our students in equality, developing and actively participating in projects of awareness, coeducation, good treatment and new masculinities.

Learning by Doing

Our educational model prepares students for their integration into the labor market by replicating in the classroom real situations in companies through challenges and projects and by focusing on dual training, in which students combine studies and work.

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