Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

The Zulaibar Arratiako Lanbide Ikastegia center has as its mission the integral education of people in an integral way in a Basque region. Based on human values, social integration, labor integration, paying special interest to environmental companies and organizations. Aiming to be the reference center for vocational training and industrial innovation, being the tractor center in the area of influence.

Within the TKGune program together with the engineers and technicians that make up the TKGUNE team, the center of F.P Zulaibar, aims to help companies improve their production processes, develop new products, help in the industrialization of new products and use innovation as a driving force to improve their positioning in the market and raise the technological / digital level of them.

As for the areas of knowledge and lines of action, it is worth mentioning:

• Industrial design
• Mechanical manufacturing.
• Industrialization of new products.
• Design and manufacture of tools.
• 3D printing prototypes.
• Design and CNC Machining of prototypes in short series.

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