Armeria 2L


Mechanical Manufacturing / Industrial Automation / 3D Additive Manufacturing / Metrology

ARMERIA ESKOLA is a Public Integrated Vocational Training Center. Located in Eibar (Gipuzkoa), we offer training to the industrial sector through medium and higher grade cycles, specializations and training for employment. Armería Eskola was the first professional school in the State in which the learning of a profession was accompanied with theoretical and technical teachings. Based on its extensive experience in the industrial world and through its competence and added value in micromechanics, additive manufacturing, industrial automation and metrology,

Armería Eskola has the technical and human resources to be able to collaborate in all kinds of innovative projects.

The areas of knowledge of Armería Eskola are the following:

 Mechanical Manufacturing:

* Micromechanics
* CNC Machining.
* Welding

Electricity / Electronics / Telecommunications

* Advice on ICT installations.
* Domotics
* Public Address, telephony, telematic networks (wired, wireless, ….).
* Engineering and consulting in structured cabling systems.
* Automated management of people and materials through radiofrequency technology (RFID/NFC).
* Design of printed circuit boards
* Prototypes of printed electronic circuits.


* Testing.
* Study of defectology and parameters of materials.
* Optimization of heat treatment based on material analysis.


* Measurement and verification by means of three-dimensional machines.
* Advice on drawing dimensioning, technical drawing.
* Specialized training in the industrial environment.
* OFF Line programming by means of PCMIS / MCOSMOS.
* Measuring services by means of profilometer and roughness meter.

Additive manufacturing

* Conceptual design of products, components, prototypes, etc.
* Simulation and 3D presentations
* 3D additive printing with different materials.
* Finite elements: design and simulation of components for structural optimization.
* Reverse engineering.
* 3D scanning.

Industrial automation

* Design of production lines for an automated manufacturing process.
* Process automation.
* High level programming of PLC’s and associated devices.
* Integration of automated systems with different technologies.
* Programming and installation of robotic systems.
* Development of communication systems with monitoring and supervision. SCADA.
* Conceptualization and design of automated cells.
* Industrial communication. Industry 4.0
* Integration of artificial vision in automated and robotic systems and quality control.


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