LEA ARTIBAI Ikastetxea

Mechanical manufacturing / Food industry / Electricity and electronics / Information technology and communication / Administration and finance


Lea Artibai Ikastetxea is a non-profit technical and cooperative school. Its work extends to different sections, such as high school, technical education, updating the knowledge of professionals and the training of personnel for different professions, contributing to the development of new companies.

Lea Artibai Ikastetxea also has a section of the Cooperation Project to support companies in their productive activity. Thus, reinforcing the pair of school companies, the teachers become aware of the industrial reality that companies live every day and, at the same time, try to provide the students with a more adequate training for their later work.

We carry out collaboration projects with companies in the following areas:

  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • Mechanical assemblies Installations and maintenance
  • Electricity and electronics
  • Computers and communications
  • Food industry
  • Administration and finance
  • Metrology


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