Automation and industrial robotics / Electricity / Maintenance and mechanics

Years before it was launched and in 1967 it achieved that our center was an authorized vocational training center. Since then, many generations have passed through our classrooms. The main objective of the center has always been to send qualified personnel to the companies of Urnieta and its region, but not only that: in addition to offering the best technical training to young people, the promotion of comprehensive education has always been the core of our existence, being an essential condition not only the training of good workers, but also the training of people, in the construction of a better society.

In terms of vocational training, automation and industrial robotics, electrical and automatic systems, electrical installations and electromechanical maintenance are the main areas of the center, without losing sight of the graphic arts department and its knowledge. Being a technological reference for the surrounding companies has always been one of the main goals of the center, which has led us to have a close relationship with the companies. In addition to sending students to do their end-of-cycle internships and then work in these companies, in recent years we have carried out the most cutting-edge technological projects with these companies, raising collaboration with companies to another level.

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