Mechanical manufacturing / Automation, assembly and industrial maintenance / Digitization and connectivity

IZARRAITZ Vocational Training offers an Academic Intermediation Service, which extends to the entire region of Urola Erdia, as well as a series of services for companies such as the job bank, the possibility of applying for a Work Center Training student and dual training.

IZARRAITZ The educational offer of Vocational Training is an integrated center of exclusively vocational training.
It offers initial vocational training (higher and intermediate vocational training cycles), courses for workers and courses for the unemployed. Our integrated center, where training cycles of 5 professional families are taught exclusively in Basque.

The areas of knowledge of our center would be:

  • Mechanical manufacturing.
  • Quality control; metrology.
  • Automation and electrical machines.
  • Administration and finance.
  • Electrical installations.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Carpentry and furniture.
  • Software development and cybersecurity.

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