Robotics and Industrial Automation Area

The area of Robotics and Industrial Automation has 2 main axes of activity, one of the axes would be to serve the industry by developing collaborative projects in the field of the so-called Industry 4.0; with the experience gained in these projects we form the team of teachers who develop the second axis mentioned above, relating to the activity of teaching in the field of our area of knowledge. The team is focused on researching, developing and transferring innovative solutions in machine vision, robotics and automation to the business world. To this end, the line researches in intelligent systems, designing, developing and applying signal processing techniques, machine learning and data mining applied to vision, robotics and automation environments. For example, (a) quality inspection and traceability of produced parts (for “zero-defect manufacturing”), (b) flexible, adaptive and autonomous robotic systems, are common problems in projects addressed by this group.

The group has its own Industry 4.0 laboratory, where there is vision equipment (cameras, optics, lasers, illuminations, …), robotics (industrial and collaborative robots), automation (PLC, HMI, Safety and Motion Control solutions …) and computing (servers with GPUs), which allows it to perform teaching activities and project development in the topics mentioned above.

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