Design and manufacture of cells for battery cycling

Design and manufacture of a structural assembly to contain prototypes of batteries, housed in cells and subjected to continuous cycling of charge and discharge inside heat chambers with strict temperature control

Project objectives

Once the characteristics and fundamental details of the project had been analyzed, the TKgune project team proceeded to design the first prototypes of cells and their supporting structure inside the heat chambers.
After several initial conceptual design approaches to the requirements of CIC energiGUNE, the development of cell prototypes through additive manufacturing began.
Once the ideal concept was achieved, the first cell was manufactured by CNC in plastic material suitable for withstanding the temperatures and pressures inside the chamber.
In parallel, the parametric design of the load-bearing structure was also begun, which, once the previous processes were validated, was manufactured and assembled.

All this is part of a remodeling of the room, located in the company, which will allow the company’s technicians to have access and rigorous control of the situation and evolution of all the batteries subjected to tests in the research and development processes they carry out.


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