Optimisation of safety and accessibility systems in some sections to improve ergonomics.

Redesign and adaptation of coil feeding system. Electrical installation adapted for the feeding of the following elements: forklift loading station, compressor and work table.

Project objectives

In this project, the redesign and adaptation of the coil feeding system in a rolling mill for biosanitary products has been carried out.

In addition, they also want to adapt and improve different sections of the company in terms of safety (risk due to the precarious state of the electrical installation) and accessibility. To this end, the design, assembly and commissioning of a loading station for a forklift, compressor feed and a work table will be carried out.

Tasks performed

  • Redesign and adaptation of the coil feeding system:
  • Installation for fork-lift truck loading station:
  • Installation for compressor and workbench power supply:


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