Solar Energy Harvesting and Distribution in Sierra Leone

The EKI foundation committed to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations makes us participate in one of its many projects, this case in Sierra Leone, where it plans the electrification of a complex composed of seven buildings all of a social and humanitarian nature.

Project objectives

The EKI Foundation focuses its work on facilitating in developing countries the access of their communities to the electricity supply, also taking as a primary energy source renewable energy such as solar.

The project consists of a photovoltaic solar installation isolated from the grid with 40Kw of power, three-phase system and an installation of 120 panels as a photovoltaic generator, in addition to the corresponding electrical distribution between buildings.

In this context, the work of San Jorge consists of technical advice on the sizing of the photovoltaic installation and on issues of safety and electrical distribution both to the buildings and inside them, also taking into account their special and differentiated characteristics of location and use.

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Technological areas