Analysis of the yields of two different thermal collectors.

It is about making a comparison between two collectors of the same brand. In this comparison the two collectors are placed on equal terms and at the same time. Subsequently, at a specific time of the day, hot water is extracted from the two thermal collectors and an analysis of the energy generated by each of them is carried out.

Project objectives

In the initial phase, the company wanted to make a comparison between a collector of its own and two collectors with characteristics similar to those of another manufacturer. In the end, two collectors from the same house have been compared: one that they have just marketed and the other the one they installed until then.

La principal diferencia entre los dos captadores es si la energía se acumula en el circuito primario o secundario. El viejo captador acumula la energía en el circuito secundario (circuito de consumo) y el nuevo captador en el primario (parte glicolada).

La norma de comparación seguida por el CENER (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables) es la norma oficial. Hemos realizado las pruebas que CENER realiza para obtener los rendimientos oficiales de los captores.

Tasks performed

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