Prototyping in additive manufacturing to customize the products in the portfolio

Additive manufacturing techniques have been used in some of our own designs, mainly in agendas, to improve their sustainability and environmental impact.

Project description

The project has meant the start of a collaboration with a company that, although it works in a traditional sector, is very involved in innovation and the introduction of added value to its products. It is therefore looking for allies who can help it along this path.

This was a challenge for the school as it coincided with the start-up of the new additive manufacturing machines, which meant that the training and updating of the teaching staff was carried out using a real company product. 

The team who has developed the collaboration has made a transfer training a group of three teachers in the use of the machine used, a RAISE 3D professional medium format FDM printer. Finally, has also generated a webinar with the supplier company 3dz explaining the operation as well as other technologies.

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