Teflon moulds for nickel oxide sphere casting and machining of the sphere

Through the collaboration between the Donostia International Physics Center and the Izarraitz Lanbide Heziketa LHII centre in Azkoitia, this work has been carried out for the neutrino discovery research line.

Project objectives

The line of research is based on a neutrino detection device. To continue with the improvements in the system currently used, research is being carried out on new detectors that must use a nickel oxide sphere obtained by smelting for calibration.
The work carried out by the Izarraitz Lanbide Heziketa LHII has consisted, on the one hand, of machining the Teflon moulds to make this casting, and on the other, of machining the nickel oxide sphere obtained from these moulds in accordance with the parameters collected.
In addition to this, the sphere obtained from these molds can be tested to achieve good machining finishes, and if this is successful, new project lines can be created following the joint work.

Tasks performed


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