Machine for the automated removal of threaded pins from SILENTBLOCK shock absorbers

The project consists of a machine designed to automatically remove from the SILENTBLOCK shock absorbers produced by Egaña caucho S.L., the threaded pins used to prevent the introduction of the rubber into the metal sheet during the manufacturing process

Project description

In the manufacturing process of SILENTBLOCK shock absorbers, which Egaña caucho S.L. produces, that is to say, in the transfer moulding process, threaded pins are placed to prevent the introduction of rubber into the metal sheet. In the past, the workers extracted them by hand, but today this work is done automatically.

In a previous project, a prototype of a large diameter SILENTBLOCK dowel extraction machine was implemented and if the dowels were on both sides, first the dowels on one side had to be removed and then the dowels on the other side.

In this project, a system has been developed that allows the joint extraction of the two threaded pins used in the manufacturing process in SILENTBLOCK shock absorbers, with the collaboration of the company Egaña Caucho S.L. and the CIFP Bidasoa school.

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