Design and manufacture of the control instrument for the left “interlocking cam”

In order to check whether the dimensions of a part produced by the company Hezilan are correct, we were asked to create a control tool. To do this, we first had to check the part to be checked, then design the checking tool and finally produce the product.

Project description

Hezilan S.Coop, among others, produces the part called “left locking cam”. In order to quickly and easily assess whether the dimensions of these parts produced are suitable or not, we were asked to produce a “control instrument”.

To this end, the dimensions and characteristics of the part to be checked were analysed, and taking into account its particularities and the parameters to be checked, a pre-design of the control tool was made.

The proposed pre-design was then approved together with the company and we entered the production phase. Drawings, materials, tools, manufacturing process, etc. were developed and a “control tool” for the company was manufactured using different technologies.

Tasks Performed


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