Support products for inclusive handling elements

Development of a line of low-cost support products adapted to people with high support needs, in which the personal autonomy of users is facilitated and safety in personal hygiene tasks is guaranteed.

Project description

The company Bizin has difficulties when it comes to acquiring equipment to incorporate in inclusive changing table projects. For people with support needs, few products are manufactured, and those that are on the market are usually very expensive and do not cover all needs.

There are many parts in inclusive changing tables and most of them are designed to be handled by people with standard functionalities. For example, in a traditional shower you would have to take into account:

    • If the color is uniform, it doesn’t differentiate where you need to act
    • If the user is left-handed
    • whether you can work with different parts of the body, etc.
    • the force required for its manipulation
    • Size and location, …

The aim of this project is to adapt or replace these parts so that anyone can manipulate them. 

The company and the centre have worked closely with the Association for the Coordination of Inclusive Changing Tables (ACCI) to design and create a range of products. In the first phase, the needs of the company have been analysed and from there a sustainable design of certain parts has been developed.

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