Creating Healthy Edible Products: JAKION Jams

The Hospitality School of Artxanda (Bilbo) together with the company JAKION collaborate in a project to create and promote healthier jams

Project objectives

Different studies show how 8 out of 10 people try to reduce sugar in the shopping basket, motivated by the goal of controlling weight and following a healthy diet. This trend has been the axis of a new collaboration between the ESHBI and the canning company Jakion that have worked on the reformulation of some of their jams. Sugar reduction can be achieved in a number of ways, including eliminating or reducing the amount of added sugar, replacing part of the sugar formulation with non-nutritive sweeteners, and/or using foodtech as creating pores that increase the perception of sweetness, fermentations, or ultrafiltrations.

During these months both teams have worked on the search for new 100% natural formulas that will help reduce the sugar content of current Jakion jams. This collaboration has borne fruit achieving a combination of natural sugars that prevents the incorporation of sugar into jams, which means the creation of a new category of jams 0% added sugar, thus helping to meet the criteria set by the WHO that the consumption of added sugars must be less than 10% of the total caloric intake.

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