Isauki Calamar

The main objective of the project is to create an innovative and/or functional vegan squid reference from healthy products.

Project description

This project is based on developing alternatives to seafood products with high nutritional value, mainly based on micro and macro algae. In this way, a healthy alternative is offered, without sacrificing any animals and without harming the environment. The aim is to help build a better world, through sustainable food for people who care about their health and that of the planet. In this case we focus on squid, a food that is widely used as a starter or appetizer, and as an ingredient in other main dishes.

The secondary objectives that have been mainly sought can be summarised in the following statements. The developments must be:

  • 100% natural.
  • Flavour palatable to children.
  • Easy to cook (griddle, oven, steamer).
  • Sustainable source.
  • Clean label.
  • Adaptable to the new consumer.
  • Base the value proposition on circular economy-sustainability criteria.

Tasks performed


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