Wiring testers MECO S.L.

Realization of several prototypes of test beds for the company Meco S.L. for the verification of the continuity of the wiring of its products before their shipment to the client

Project objectives

This TKgune project has aimed to make several wiring testers for the company MECO S.L.  MECO (Zamudio, Basque Country) is one of the fundamental pillars of the Larrión Business Group. Specifically, MECO designs, manufactures and assembles wiring for all types of applications regardless of their final application. From the TKgune team of Tartanga we have developed test beds that will allow the company to check its products before their shipment to the customer.

Models to be developed:

    1. Sin vinilo adhesivo y con conectores aéreos.
    2. Con vinilos adhesivos guía y conectores fijados a mesa.
    3. Asegurado de contrapiezas mediante el diseño e impresión de moldes negativos de las mismas.

Tasks performed


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