Tooling for fins of active aerodynamic systems

Design and manufacture of the tooling that guarantees the correct positioning of the fins on the active aerodynamics systems.

Project objectives

In the manufacturing line where active aerodynamics components are assembled in the automotive systems business, a sensor system is used when assembling the fins that make up the system, which approaches the fin and ensures its position. Since it is not a fixed position, the position in which the fin should step or rest is not well measured. This results in non-conforming parts leaving the manufacturing line, thus creating non-conformities in the quality process.

Once the problem has been analyzed, a simple system has been designed, consisting of different easily machinable parts, with which a problem that has been the key to a manufacturing line has been addressed.

With the homogeneous and repetitive position guaranteed by this new system, the position of the fins is 100% controlled and nonconformities have decreased significantly.

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