Technical validation of early detection of chips inside the pulley core

Analysis of metal noise detection techniques for the choice of the best technology that allows the development of a prototype

Project objectives

One of the stages of the pulley manufacturing process carried out by the company Gosan, consists of the union by welding the pulley throat, which is subsequently machined.  The welding stage, which is done manually, causes the sizzle of material and sometimes part of that material is deposited inside the soul.

This metal chip of small dimensions causes that, during the start-up at the customer, and during the beginning of the pulley movement, this detached material hits against the core. The noise it causes is mistaken for the noise characteristic of a bearing in poor condition and the consequence is the rejection of the manufactured unit, reducing production efficiency.

The company does not know how to detect the noise caused by these shavings, so Somorrostro cooperates with the company.

Tasks performed

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