KeyReader4.0: Vision and AI for Key Profile Identification

Development of a key identifier/classifier based on artificial intelligence that the company JMA (Alejandro Altuna S.L.U.) will use for the key copier product it is developing

Project objectives

In this case, the project will focus on the identification of key types for duplicating machines. The project will address the development of an AI-based key identifier/classifier that JMA will use for the key copier product it is developing. 

MGEP will participate in the development of the key identification algorithm, while the development of the final application (i.e.: tablet, etc.) related to the key copying product will be the responsibility of JMA. This final product will make use of the developed identification algorithm, and MGEP will advise JMA on how to integrate it into its product.

Tasks performed

Phase 1: Preliminaries:

Phase 2: Key Type Identifier

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